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Country summary performance by major policy area

Source: Chatham House assessment (see Section A2.1 of Appendix A and subsections 3.1.1– 3.1.12 for further explanation).
Note: Shading has been allocated according to each county’s total score under each major heading as a percentage of the possible maximum – scores of 25% or below are red, those between 25% and 50% orange, those between 50% and 75% yellow and those above 75% green. In the creation of the percentage figures, existence, design and implementation have been weighted equally, and each sub-question under each major heading has also been weighted equally.
* In calculating overall percentage scores, all policies and sub-policies have been treated equally, although some are arguably more important than others. This lack of weighting means, among other things, that the overall percentage scores for international trade cooperation give a poorer impression of the situation than is fair (and do not therefore capture differences well), while those for tenure and use rights and for resource allocation give a more generous impression than they should.